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  1. Ques: At what age do you admit babies in your Crèche

Ans: From 3 months to 18 months. When they are 18 months old, can walk and ready for toileting,       they are taken to the Wonderful Toddlers Group.

  1. Ques: Do you sterilize the babies’ things in the crèche section?

     Ans: Yes we do on daily basis.

  1. Ques: Can the babies’ nannies come from home to stay with the babies in school?

     Ans: For now we will not be able to permit that until a literacy programme we intend to initiate is       been developed.

  1. Ques: Do you potty train the children in the childcare section?

Ans: Yes we do. We usually prefer not to rush or force the children. Once they are ready it is really not difficult to get them potty trained. Toileting starts from 15months

  1. Ques: Do you bath the children?

     Ans:  We only tepid sponge them, especially when they are hot and we use cold water when the weather is hot, to prevent them from developing rashes. However, we work on parents specifications

  1. Ques: Which curriculum do you follow?

     Ans: Christian- Montessori because they represent a holistic approach of our vision.

  1. Ques: What is the range of ages for the children in the various classes?

     Ans:  See the front page for the different stages

  1. Ques: What is the maximum number of children to be admitted in the various classes? Crèche, Toddlers Group, Conscious Learners Group, Elementary

     Ans: crèche: maximum children are 10, for other classes maximum of 25 children and minimum of 15  children in a class. The space and size of the class is what determines. We operate a mixed age group setting for our preschool.

  1. Ques: What is this mixed age group all about?

     Ans:  It is a Montessori approach. Vertical grouping otherwise known as mixed age grouping is a situation whereby children of different ages (2 ½ – 6years) are put together in the same Montessori classroom. This encourages the older children to assist the younger ones both within and outside the classroom

  1. Ques: What is the ratio of staff to child in various sections?

     Ans: crèche- 1 staff: 3 babies,  Toddlers- 1 staff: 5 children,  Conscious Learners: 15 children to a Directress because of our Montessori approach

  1. Ques: How do I know what my child is learning and how he/she faring in school?

     Ans: At the beginning of the term, we set goals and our parents are encouraged to participate, the activities and weekly plan are given to all parents.  Also, through the use of the ‘Daily Progress Report’ parents and the teachers have ongoing communication. Also, we have Open days on termly basis (check my work day)where parents come in to see their child’s class work and talk one on one with the teachers. Other activities will be as indicated on our termly school calendar. As parent, you are welcome to come in to the school anytime especially within school hours of 7.30pm- 2.30pm. However, parents are discouraged from entering the classrooms during learning period.

  1. Ques: What time does the Centre open and close?

     Ans:         Daycare-  7am -6.00pm (depends on the hours you chose)

Preschool- 7.45a.m -1.30pm

Elementary1-3   -7.45a.m -2.00p.m

Elementary Extension Hours-2.30-3.30p.m/5.50pm

After school care-2.30pm-5.30pm

We give 30mins grace to parents after which they pay late pick up charges.

  1. Ques: Can my child (ren) in the Preschool and Elementary section stay till 7.00pm?

     Ans: Yes they can, provided they are registered for ‘After hours care’- 2.30pm to 5.30pm or ‘late evening care till 7.00p.m’.  Please note that our school care is also extended to the Preschool and Elementary school children that are not in cedars.

  1. Ques: Does the Centre organize Extra coaching class?

Ans: Yes for the Primary/Elementary school. Parents of children in other Primary/Elementary schools who want extra lessons can discuss and arrange that with the school.

  1. Ques: What are activities lined up for the children in the after hours care?

     Ans: We have various kinds of activities, for example:  Montessori classes, Help with School work,        reading club, sports and music, dance , French Classes. Other activities can be arranged depending on the number of children available for the same activity.

  1. Ques: Do you operate school bus service?

Ans: Yes we have a shuttle for school run. You can register for the service if you need it.


  1. Ques: Do you involve the children in extracurricular activities?

Ans: Sure! Ours is a holistic approach. We take the children out on school trips, swimming exercises, social responsibility outings etc.


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